QMH AED Ultrasound Casebook


Ultrasound as a technology monopolized by specialties like radiology, cardiology, and obstetrics/gynecology decades ago, is now gaining utilization among all other different specialties. There are few reasons behind. Firstly, beside the traditional usage of ultrasound to evaluate the anatomical pathology of patient, it is also used to evaluate the physiology of patient (e.g. for the evaluation of shock) nowadays. Secondly, it is an invaluable non-invasive tool that can augment the physical examination of patient on the bedside in real time and can be repeated conveniently. Thirdly, number of ultrasound guided procedures have been proven to significantly reduce the complications and harms to patient. Moreover, with the improving quality of ultrasound machines, it is also much easier to interpret images produced by the machines today.

With further advancement of the technology, I won’t be surprised that ultrasound may become the electronic audiovisual stethoscope and bedside examination tool of every doctor someday.

In order to better equip ourselves to welcome this ever advancing technology, it is my pleasure to launch this webpage. Hope all of you can get used to and manipulate this machine well in the near future.


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